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The software package Escribe translated into Russian.


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Hello there, dear forum members! I’ve made a translation (into Russian) of the software for controlling the DNA200 (EScribe) board. I believe, some of you might find it quite useful.

I attach the archive with the translation; all you should do is to unzip it, and then to put the file with the translation into the folder "en", replacing the same-name file.

zip EScribe.zip     
Open the “en” folder, and put my file EScribe.po into it, replacing the same-name one.
[/CODE]Another way is to enter the EScribe menu: Help-> About, press 7 times on the logo Evolve and then enter the menu Tools-> Open Languages Folder, like this you open the folder with the translations.
If you find any mistakes, please feel free to contact me either via a personal message or an e-mail: doojkee@gmail.com
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Hello jQuery!

Thanks for this! I have included it in EScribe

A question: I was looking at your translation with Google Translate, and "Break Research Seal", the 'seal' in the English is an analogy to the seal on an unopened medicine bottle. It just tells researchers that the seal has been broken or is intact. (Settings cannot be changed without breaking the seal.) It does not change any data other than that, does not destroy any data. :)


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