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Charging time, chip fever?


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You need to sustain 23 amps.  So, the C rating will be dependent on the capacity of the pack.  A 900mAh pack will have to have a higher C rating than a 1800mAh pack.  For a 900mAh pack, .9wH * X = 23, or 23/.9 = X or 25.5 C.  A 1800mAh pack would require 1.8wH * X = 23 or 23/1.8 = X or 12.7 C.  

A good way to think of it is to use a 100mAh pack (1wH).  To get 23 amps would require a 23 C rating.  If you go up in capacity, you drop the C rating required (in half for a 2wH pack) or double for a 500mAh pack.

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