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Battery settings VT200. Weak battery at 20% no fire


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Hcigar VT200 changed to 14.43 Wh. From the factory setting. Battery level seemed to be better than the first day, which 3 hours off a full charged died on the 9 wh At first seemed better, but now I'm getting weak battery at 20%. Dug deep and some say 11.09wh. Same issue Have kept the cell cutoff at 3.09. Anyone else have this problem or have a fix? Gonna do the battery analyzer when I have a full charge see if anything comes up

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There is a high degree of variation in lipo cells and in the packs that are assembled from them.  I have seen here and in other forums that many users have an issue with the pack supplied in the VT200.  I suggest you do the battery analyzer step and then evaluate if the pack needs to be swapped out.  It sounds as if it lacks the capacity you expect and sags badly when used.  After you run the battery analyzer, vape while watching device monitor and see how it sags at the fully charged point and the half way point.

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