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General Battery Ranting


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I have seen a lot of battery related posts here and on other forums.  So I will share a bit of frustration with Lipo pack manufactures.  

There is still a lot of variation in cells, and multi cell packs just increase the total failure rate.  

On top of high failure rates, we now have packs that are advertised as having a given wH capacity that in fact have nowhere near that.  A user putting such a pack in a mod and then using that advertised value will get wildly unpredictable battery bar action.

We have brand new mods with packs that advertise 1.4 wH, but are shipped from the manufacture with the default settings in Escribe, and still drop from 80% capacity to 50% capacity in one vape due to sag and a weak cell or pack.

In some ways we the consumer are perpetuating this in that we want the mod for the best price, so there is pressure to put in a cheap pack.  The end result is a mod with a pack that has a weak cell, has nowhere near the capacity advertised or can't sustain the C rating required for vaping.

Personally, if I were to buy a commercial mod (and I doubt I will) I would want to know the details of the pack, how to order a replacement if needed and that the pack in general has been tested for the wH advertised and the amp draw (C rating) required.  

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