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Change language back to English permanently

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I downloaded the latest version of eScribe which contains quite a few translations. My native language is Dutch and my windows install is Dutch. For some reason, my eScribe is now in Dutch and I can't find a way to keep it in English permanently.

I know how to change it for one session (go to help -> about -> left click evolv logo 7 times, language option is available), but it resets back to Dutch each time I close the software and open it again.

It's annoying, because I prefer English. Lots of guides in English, translations are fine, but I just don't like it. Just as I don't like playing games in Dutch, watching dubbed shows (thank god we only have a few kid shows which I don't watch),...

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VapingBad said:

Go to the install folder C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Evolv\EScribe\Languages  and copy the EScribe.po file from the en folder to the Dutch folder, you should probably make a copy of the Dutch one in case you want to go back.

Thanks, I was thinking that would be an option, but I was hoping there was a better fix than that. Not an issue though, changing the file as we speak!
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