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Please HELP!!! I think I just bricked my board


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i got my chip evolv DNA200 connected to my pc. it shows like the pic,then i select "yes",then its go updated.. however,it showed failed and need retry or not,then i click retry but failed again...and then,the chip was failed and not work,not show anything,its black... i have no idea,any one knows why and what should i do...  

Later,i got another chip,and its show the same,but i select "NO",then it shows ok and said"10th,June,2015"something like this...   Please help...thank you.

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Install this version https://www.dimensionengineering.com/software/SetupES_2015-08-17.exe update your device then reinstall the latest version and update.

The different versions are in the Early Firmware thread https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-topic/

ETA I think I got that wrong and maybe you just need to do a manual fw update from the tools menu, when you do you will be shown a dialogue window to choose the file and I assume that 20-08-15 will be there try that then let it update normally.

Pleas say if that fixed it.

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