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Feature request: EScribe Device monitor: set graph y axis position and a time-axis


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In the device monitor;
The position on the Y-axis w
here the measured values are positioned, is fixed. It would be nice to be able to set the position on the y-axis. E.g. by dragging the starting point along the y-axis to the point where you want.
This request comes from the fact that If you change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, the resolution of the graph is dropped to about 50% (since 400F = 204C)

I need to look at the puff duration to get an idea about the time scale. So another nice-to-have would be a time axis at the bottom, running along with the live measurements. (Off course this time axis needs to adjust according to the Graph Options -->Set Time Scale value)

I know there are more important features that the developers need to be working on, so these can be put on the nice-to-have list and hopefully can be added sometime in the future.
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