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DNA 200 not firing.


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hello, I am new to the dna 200 chip. I have everything wired correctly as far as i know, I am using an otto p9 pushbutton in place of the on board fire button. I clipped the onboard one off to make sure I wasnt going to accidentally fire it. The board is not mounted to the case. Just using the 1 ground pad to make contact to the 510. all the other gnd lugs are left alone, I wired it up. glued some small plastic washers to the board with a small amount of super glue in place of mounting the board directly to the case. go to press the button and it wont turn on. I plug it into a usb charger. It turns right on as normal. the up down switches work fine, however the fire button wont fire. and it doesnt read any errors or anything. could I have messed the board up clipping the onboard switch off. or is there anything I may be missing? ps. battery fuse is still intact. just don't understand why its not firing 

any help would be appreciated. thanks

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