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Refinement Issue

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I'm getting some weird results from refinement. If I take a cool atomizer that has been sitting next to the mod for 15 min (so they should be the same temp) and screw it on, it reads .22 ohms for the resistance. If I wait about an hour without firing it reads .18 ohms as the cold resistance. I then take the atomizer off and immediately put it back on and it reads .24 ohms and asks if if it is a new coil. Similar numbers occur or repeat tests.

I am using a Kanger Subtank with prebuilt Ni-200 coils that are marked as .15 ohms. My iStick reads them as .20 ohms so I think they are labeled incorrectly. I have tested multiple coils.

I can tell a huge difference in vape when set to 420F between when I initially put the atomizer on and about an hour later. Is something wrong?

I'm on the latest firmware and software.

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