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Battery Safety


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I think Evolv places importance on battery safety in the design of their products.  

Having used Li-Po batteries for many years with the Darwin, DNA 20,25,30, and 40 I feel the need to pass on a bit of information.

Over the years I have only had 2 batteries cause me some concern.  Li-Po batteries can start swelling when they start to fail.  I noticed this with 2 batteries that were reaching the end of their duty cycle. Monitoring and checking the batteries should be routine and a part of one's vaping experience. Simply replacing the battery can prevent much greater and less desirable events from occurring.  

I only post this as a Public Service Announcement and hope that battery safety and monitoring is given the respect it is due by us consumers.

I post this link to give an example (not to promote fear) as it may give us pause to think a bit deeper about battery safety.


To the device makers:

I ask that you consider designing a safety feature into your devices that can monitor the battery for swelling and alert the user before more destructive events can occur, and/or make the devices more readily available for battery replacement when a fault (swelling) is seen or battery replacement is desired by the end user.

God Bless and be safe.

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