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Bug: Ohms lock not persistent through sleep

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I'm having a lot of inconsistency with many different atomizers They register properly. Then they go up. As a result when it was detected properly. I then Locked ohms Mod slept. No longer locked and fired .02 ohms higher this blasting me with burnt cotton. For the sake of this thread lets sick to the topic of the chip chip not recalling locked state on sleep. Surely that's a bug. If I don't unlock it. It shouldn't come unlocked. Can others confirm the behaviour ? Has it been fixed in beta firmware? Cheers

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I'm convinced too that this is a bug. The refinement mod is basically a guess is the board is cooled down by now or not. I use a wooden enclosure now and it seems the atomizer stays warm A LOT longer than with an aluminum enclosure. My atomizer analyser shows very stable connections as well.

So IMHO locked ohms should definitely persist not only through sleep but also through battery change. After all I mostly change the batteries after vaping and noticing batteries are low. I want to replace batteries and keep on vaping and not have to wait a long time for my atty to cool off. 

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