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Badly Torn Trace


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So I finally had some time off of work to finish up my DNA200 and I was so close to completing it, all I had left to do was connect the battery and screw the lid in place. As I was going to connect the battery, the battery positive pad ripped clean off the board and took the fuse with it...

Do I need a new board or is there any chance of fixing this? even something temporary just to get it up and running until I can get a new board in?


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jrfhoutx said:

Exactly what I was thinking of doing. If it were a Marantz that's what I'd do, but those aren't exactly running high voltages or amperages, so thought I'd ask around here before I followed through...

As another tip, a pair of anti-wicking tweezers will prevent this type of thing on your next build. I had two pairs of some reasonable gauge given to me years ago and of course they don't see much use but here's the perfect application. I'm sure you could get a pair on eBay that are close enough in gauge to do the job.
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