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NiChrome temp problem


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Wrapped my first coil with NiChrome 80. .52 ohms stable per the MOD and escribe. Uploaded the TCR from Steam both from the Wire Wizard and the old TCR. The coil is installed in a Kanger submini. 

Values loaded from Steam are:

Temperature (degF)Electrical Resistivity

In device monitor, with temp monitoring mode enabled (temp limit disabled) the device/coil performs as expected. As soon as I enable temp limit, the temp registers all over the place which obviously cuts power to the coil. 

I have tightened both the coil & atty base several times to no avail. This is only happening with NiChrome.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Yet another test convinces me there is something up with either the device or escribe:

I attached an atty with an SS coil and switched to the appropriate profile. Temp control functions as expected and is reflected in escribe. Did the same with an Ni200 coil with the same results. Switched once more back to the Nichrome coil and escribe & the device seem to be functioning and registering temp as expected.

What is the issue? I am running firmware 9-30 with escribe version

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I appreciate your response but if the TRC was the problem, wouldn't escribe show something for temp rather than nothing? And wouldn't/shouldn't it do so consistently? It's as though the device is ignoring the TRC completely. Until I attach other attys and then reattach the NiChrome coil.

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