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Big problem with temperature control vt200


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Different air cooling and juice flow. Your instantly cooling the dripper manually, my lemo from cold start on a full tank gets better and beter as 80/vg juice warms and starts flowing better, i can enjoy a tank full in one hour, but its compleatly diferent performance than a dripper..

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Oh yeh sorry forgot , also had to grind out the juice channels by about three times above standard and notch up the side of the chimney to get anything like the volume of juice in there compared to what i would be doing with a dripper to get anywhere near. Looking at what you said your talking a diference of 80 degrees, i recon your probly right on target because of better airflow on the dripper, youve got two slots on the lemo but they only can feed up a 4mm center screw, so if you close up slots on the dripper you should be able to dial down on the temp..

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