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diy dna 200 + modmaker box diy


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so I am at a friends place and we were celebrating 2 years analog free from a friend who has that dna, and at one moment it just stopped working. his nickname on this forum is bayern1996 and he is waiting for the account confirmation. since here in Croatia is kind of late and we are going to sleep,  I just wanted to ask is there a chance to revive his dna. 



it just stopped working in a second on a tank. the display is black . normal resistance, not in temp control mod and all the contacts are isolated and soldered really good. I am not braging or something like that, I just say that the quality of the wires and soldering spots were great and balancing connector is isolated also. 


when we connect the device the escribe stutters for a second but the pc is not recognizing it. my vaporshark 200 is recognized excellent and all the connectors on pc are great including both cables. 

I have tried forced update firmware but still the device is not recognized. it just says to connect the device to a different port or something like that.

those 2 green-brown inductors are getting warm if the device is connected for a longer time and all the elements on the board don't look fried. also the fuse looks great and if it would be connected then the screen would be on but it is not. 


can you please help somehow :) 


thanks! we do not want to lose few months to send it back and get a replacement or buy a new one. 


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