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Hcigar vt200 unresponsive after it goes into hard sleep


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Recently got a second hand hcigar vt200. When left idle for any longer than about 20 minutes, it goes into hard sleep, after which it is unresponsive, almost as if it is completely dead, buttons do nothing, and it does not fire. When plugged in to USB, powers on immediately and acts just as normal, even after USB is unplugged. But as before, when left idle, becomes unresponsive and acts as if dead again. I don't really know very much about the mod, because I've only had it since Sunday. Is there a way to fix this? Am I simply doing something wrong? Getting to be pretty frustrating, because it runs perfect until I leave it sit for a while.

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I was told it was a bad board causing the issue. So I no longer own it. I'll stick with my new ipv d2, much simpler, and ill actually be able to use the warranty on the ipv without the manufacturer asking me to take the board out to be sent in to be serviced like evolv did.

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