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Problem with TI build


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I had order some 24g from lightning vapes - Premium Surgical Grade 1 Titanium 24g. I downloaded the Ti 1 crv, but no matter how much liquid is on the cotton/coil it says dry coil. I have never messed with Temp control builds. Built a Ni200 tonight and it works good until i let it set for awhile and it does the samething - until i take the atty off and hit new coil 20151106_221425[1].jpg  . Any ideas why im getting dry coil every hit? Thanks

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I have to do the same thing as what Riup does, Its weird. If you can get your coil to warm a little i.e set it to Kanthal (low watts) and do a couple of pulses then go back to your Titanium Preset and it will show the ohms has raised a little you will get vapour and taste.

Dunno why but it just is.

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flem said:

I built my Ti coils as contact coils and that works great on the DNA 200

here is alink to a contact TI coil build

just tried this and for the first time have got a stable vape from titanium.

now to try it with SS

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


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Yea its a great vape with the Titanium when we have a working coil.

I had many problems with the SS until I found this CSV file

if you use 316L is it the buttom download.
Enjoy the great flavor of SS

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