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A big thank you to a great company.


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I just wanted to write a message showing my gratitude to Evolv. 

You will not believe the nightmare I had with a hotcig DNA200. 

My friend told me about it, £80, I thought 'wow, that is cheap', from somewhere called gearbest, I had used it before to buy high powered torches/flashlights, so though it would be ok- my first mistake was I forgot the discount code-and payed £100. 

Ok I thought-£100 for a fully working DNA200 isn't too bad. 

Then the lies started about shipping, the item is in stock, is not in stock, it is, and so on, until it finally shipped. It was sent via British Express, and from actual dispatch-it was here in just FOUR days. It was about a week and a half from order though with the lies. 

Straight away it would not turn on. Bad feelings arose. 

I got my multimeter out, and the battery was at just 3.71 volts. 

I used escribe to recover the battery-and it did, but I was still getting a constant error pop up every ten minutes or so-saying DNA 200-Warranty-Battery- so I got a turniguy Li-Po and made my own pack. 

It was a brand new turniguy nanotech, it was perfectly balance in Escribe, and charged to 12.6V. 

If I tried to fire-it come up with the error 'Ohms too high' when they were 100% not, and would fire at a max of 4.5 Watts. 

I had already ordered the hotcig battery-as gearbest lied to me 5 times about replacement, until finally admitting they never had any of the mods in stock, let alone a battery-and wouldn't know when they would. Would I mind waiting? 

I thought would I mind waiting took the absolute mick, so went to paypal and Evolv. 

Evolv kindly agreed to fix my chip-and paypal agreed to refund me the full amount if I sent the item back. 

Small problem-the item was in the USA, and I wanted to keep it, I just wanted refund for what it cost me to get a Defective item working. 

I phoned paypal and a nice man called Adam immediately said "this claim has been going on a long time, and I can see how many times you have tried to contact gearbest-we tried a 45 dollar refund from them, but they refused. You are not at fault, and as a goodwill gesture we would be delighted to give you 50 dollars"

Sure enough-I checked my email, and paypal have said its in my favour, and due to the unique circumstances, they are paying me at no cost to the seller.

I feel bad on paypal a bit as it should be gearbest paying-but I guess paypal know gearbest is dodgy now, as I know 2 other people (the only I know who ordered at this price and batch) who ordered at the same time as me, and our device numbers are extremely close, mine is 0539, so quite an early one, they all have the EXACT SAME problems that I have had with the device-my friend is screwing-he waited over a month for his as he got a cheaper shipping method, and he has to go through all what I went through as well. 

The only good in this was paypal and Evolv. 

Evolv got my device just yesterday-fixed it-and sent it back out, WITH a tracking number, on the same day! 

I really don't know how they are this fast-but I like Evolvs customer service. I've never experienced service like Evolvs in the UK. 

So-I have learnt my lesson. 

My next DNA200 will be after christmas, and highly likely to be the wismec model that nobody can spell lol-but I will buy it from the UK, I will try to find the best price, but understand I will spend a fair bit-but I would rather that than go through all of this-it will of been about 2 months when I get the device end of the week-mid next week from purchase to get it working. 

So, I am NEVER using gearbest again-I use fasttech but only for things like drip tips and accessories, and the occasional dripper (Not many TBH).

But my friend are now going through the same lies gearbest told me-I have saved gearbests lie sheet conversation with me and sent it to them so they fully know what to do. They are both going straight to paypal, not even bothering with gearbest-one is keeping the device, the other is so ticked off he doesn't even want it any more and is going for the full refund. 

This upsets me a bit-as he will of not tried the DNA200 and seen how good it actually is when it works. 

TBH I miss it now, my other 10 regulated devices are like poor imitations, some come close, but are not the same, and obviously my mechs are fun, but thats all really-for fun. I don't use them as an ADV for example like I would the DNA200. 

So, I would like to thank the whole company of Evolv, a very kind man called Nick who was dealing with my ticket on here, and a kind man from Paypal called Adam. 

Something else happened yesterday that at first seemed bad, to do with my medication-but turned out really well in my favour. 

They say it comes in threes-and it did. Medication, Paypal, and finally Evolv's amazing service. 

I wish every company was like Evolv, is it the norm for companies in the USA to be this good? 

As I have got returns in the UK before, but never that fast, polite, and just amazing really-we could do with taking a page out of your book and using it here :)

Thank you to everyone I mentioned, I can't wait and you have literally made my month. 

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I have had the same nightmare with Gearbest and the DX200...the only people willing to help has been (Nick from) EVOLV. It's gotten to the point where Gearbest has just quit answering my emails, and it have gotten no refund or any type of reconciliation. I never thought to contact Paypal, but at this point, I am not sure it's too late.... Note to self: Dont buy from Gearbest.

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digatel said:

I have had the same nightmare with Gearbest and the DX200...the only people willing to help has been (Nick from) EVOLV. It's gotten to the point where Gearbest has just quit answering my emails, and it have gotten no refund or any type of reconciliation. I never thought to contact Paypal, but at this point, I am not sure it's too late.... Note to self: Dont buy from Gearbest.

It shouldn't be too late-I think you get a good few months to make a claim-explain whats happened, and if it isn't working, phone them and explain properly. 

Wish you luck mate. Got to agree the only help was Nick and Evolv, and Adam from paypal.

Honestly-gearbest wont refund you, and WILL ask you to drop the claim and they will pay you-whatever you do don't do that, as they will NOT pay you, as they did say they was issuing a refund, but would not. Paypal has refunded me-they couldn't get it from gearbest-so if even paypal can't get it from them, I don't think we stand any chance with them. 

On a lighter note, I got a goblin mini today and a nice curved glass drip tip-I understand the hype around it now, very flavoursome, and I am using it in single coil mode. 
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I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal with gearbest! I'm glad you stuck it out though and got to see the potential of the DNA 200! I have to say Evolv has the absolute very best customer service I have ever seen period! Any little problem I have had they have went above and beyond what was required and hooked me up with something even better than I had! They have done so many things for me (not going to name them all) that they didn't have to do.They are just an absolute pleasure to deal with and so are there products. A special shout out and thank you to Brandon, John,James, Nick, Bap and everyone else at Evolv who have made my experience with vaping so much better! Keep up the great work! !

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yea never order from gearbest. ever. ever. even getting anything complicated from fastech can be a nightmare. all i get at this point are things like wires, tanks and drippers, tools, etc. if i ever have the need again for a cheapie mod i might order it from them but thats about all. 

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