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Hcigar vt200 dead


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Get in touch with the retailer and ask their advice. Sounds like the DNA200 chip has failed and a replacement VT200 to me.
Had mine for 13 days and the same thing happened. Waiting for a replacement from the retailer who also incidentally offered me a refund.
Be interested to hear the outcome.

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I contacted my supplier. He is coming around tonight so hope for the best. Problem is here that everything we buy locally is brought in by freelancers since vaping is "banned". Local government will confiscate all mods, rba, juice coming in. Not allowed to buy or sell locally. So no shops to get anything.

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My efusion DNA200 by Lost Vape also having a same issue, more worse, just only can use for 2 days and die, try to connect to escribe, not detect. I dont know what is wrong. How its can happen. Faulty board or faulty assemble by lost vape. Very frustrating, contact supplier and they said no stock for replacement.

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