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Replacement hotcig battery ALSO faulty.

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Hi people, you may remember the nightmare I have had with gearbest and Hotcig-so much so I have pre ordered a DNA200 wismec Realaux from the UK-should have it late next week :)

But, until then, my only dna200 device is the hotcig. 

I got a replacement battery from fasttech, and read it with my multimeter, 11.31 V, great I thought, a battery that will work. 

My Actual device was in the USA though undergoing repair by Evolv (I am in the UK).

I got the device back, put the battery in, and was greeted for the first time with a device that worked without having to be connected to a computer, I was over the moon. 

Until I charged it. 

Cell 1 will not charge past 3.85V, 3.86 if I am Lucky, while cell 2 and 3 charge to 4.2V. 

This leaves me with instead of 10W/H's, just under 6. So I can use the device, which I am doing now, but the battery does not last long. 

Is there any way to get this cell to charge to its full capacity? 

I have spoke to 'Bennett' from hotcig-and he has said due to the things I have been through, he will send me a new DX200 via DHL on Monday, and asked for my name and address. 

Fingers crossed I get help-third time lucky maybe. BUT I have heard that hotcig and gearbest have been awful to customers, but then people threaten them with something to do with a Chinese Ombudsman, I will have to find more information on it-and each time hotcig and gearbest have refunded or sent a new device straight away.

So, any ideas what I can do? This battery is on about its 5th cycle, I was hoping after a few cycles maybe it will come back to life-at first it would only charge to 3.80, but then went up to 3.84, now it hits 3.86, anyone that could help me to get this battery working properly I will be forever thankful.

I am just glad I can use it while its on charge-as this and one of my other mods has become my two firm favourites performance wise, just the crappy battery ruins this one.

Thanks everyone, Conan.  

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