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Does the DNA200 cut off once voltage is reached?

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Hi everyone. 

I sorted my hotcig battery, but ask as 1 cell went to 4.21V during charging, and worried me a bit. 

My plan is when I get the Wismec, to charge it overnight (In a safe environment) so its charged when I wake and ready to use. 

I am pretty certain it does, as I can see the Amps going down to like 0.01 when charging has finished, but will it still continue to charge? 

I am NOT going to charge the hotcig overnight, due to having to sort the battery out as it would not charge past 3.86V and using a li-ion charger, running positive and negative into the ports of cell 1's balance connection, I am not going to risk it. I wouldn't Risk it anyway, but I think nothing of charging my phone overnight, so will be doing the same with the wismec next week. 

So, will I be safe from voltage going over 4.2 volts? 

Thanks people, Conan.

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