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Strange pre-heat issue, winter blues?


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Hi guys,

Escribe is a bit overwhelming but I'm sure if I stared at it long enough I'd work this one out :)

I have an Aromamiser RTDA with dual-nickel coils @ ~0.14ohm. 75W, 450degF, preheat 100W, Punch at 5, time 1s.

Just recently (since the weather got chilly) the first hit has just gone nuts! I can even see the glow of the coils from the air holes :( After the first blast, everything settles down for ages. It seems to only happen after I've left the tank & mod for ages but sooner if it's been left in the car (and got cold quickly.)

I would say it's just the cold but it happened this morning on the first hit so the whole set up should be at room temperature.

If anyone could give me some points as to which wiggly lines I need to stare at in Device Monitor it would be much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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