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Changing kanthal ramp up?


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Hi folks,
Not sure I'm asking in the right place, so moderators please move if not.

I've been playing/experimenting making my own clapton coils.
Had great success making TC clapton coils using 22ga Ti core wrapped with 32ga Ni.
4 turns on 2.5mm x 2 giving me 0.05ohm. The vapour production and flavour @ 68W is lovely from my Aromamizer RTA. ............ I've been using the Steam Engine Titanium profile and happy with it. Initial pulse set to 1 second at 150W.

I've just made some clapton coils from a pair of 25ga square section kanthal twisted together for the core (just something I had lying around) Wrapped with 30ga kanthal.
6 wraps on 2.5mm x 2 giving me 0.23ohm.

Using the kanthal profile (TC off of course) within Escribe it heats up a bit too slowly, as I expected tbh.

So my question is can I increase the initial power applied, say for 1 second or so? 
I guess I alter it manually and save the new kanthal profile for that particular coil / coils?
How is it best to go about doing that?

Cheers in advance, Styks.

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Just realised wire profile is only available for TC coils? Please excuse my ignorance, just trying to get my head around Escribe/DNA 200. Is there anyway to have preheat or a higher wattage pulse for a second or so when working in kanthal? I'm going to pop it on the SX350J ( sorry for swearing :) ) board twin battery mod I built. It has options of "eco, standard, powerful, powerful+" which I was told controls how the power is applied/ramped up. It does appear to do that when I've tried on different rda's.

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VapingBad said:

I has been discussed, but I don't think they will do it because a setting that works well for a cool coil can over cook your liquid on a warm coil.  Templimited preheat is a much better way to do it IMO.

Yes I agree actually. Templimited preheat is no doubt the best way, useful and relatively safe'ish. On the other hand, it would be very easy for the unaware to "over cook" coil and ejuice as it is now, without "dry coil / high temp" sensing ability outside of TC. Now there is something that would really help with the "over cooking" problem, and something I feel will be insisted upon by the powers that be at some point. I don't think it's already available, or is it? It would be nice to have the option of an initial fire power boost outside of TC available for upload to the board from Escribe. Possibly with a time limitation, clear description of function and a warning. Anyhow as you say it has been discussed, I'll not start another. Sorry my searching skills are found to be wanting somewhat. Cheers!
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