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My dna 200 reuleaux Battery reads dead

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The first thing I'd be looking at are those rings around the positive connector for the batteries. If the wrapper is to thick or the positive button on the battery doesn't protrude as is should no contact will be made. This is how they did the reverse battery protection (with the rings). The rings should be left the way they are and the battery replaced or corrected (if that's the cause)
If just the two inside batteries make connection the board is still able to power on but not vape...BTW

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I drained my matched batteries and tries charging from micro USB. It didn't work (reads check battery) then put them in external charger and they charged. When I put back into mod still reads dead and cannot vape. Anyone know how I can get my mod working again? Thanks

Had the same problem myself, batteries were making good contact but still wasn't showing full charge even though the cell voltages were good. A hard reboot from the tools menu tab worked for me.

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