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Hotcig DX200 - Batteries work but won't charge from Li-Po charger


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Hello there! So I'm having a really odd issue. I own a Hotcig DX200, with a spare battery, so I usually pop one on the lipo charger when it runs low and put the charged one on. I'm careful with my batteries, I remove them by pulling them straight off the mod, not at an angle, I don't leave them on the charger at full charge, they've never been wet, had juice spilled in them, or anything else I can think of that would cause this.

So I woke up a couple of days ago, went to put one of the batteries on charge, and the charger didn't "read" that there was a battery connected. Tried the other one, same problem. When I plug the mod into Escribe, the individual cell voltages on both batteries read just fine, and are balanced. I figured it was a charger issue, I did crack it open to see if anything had come unsoldered (perhaps the 3s connector because they're fixed on the batteries and charger?), but nope, nada. I chalked it up to a crappy charger and went out and bought another today. Same problem.

How can it be that Escribe reads the cells fine (indicating that the connectors on the batteries aren't damaged), yet the batteries simply will not charge on an external charger? It's even weirder that this happened to both batteries at exactly the same time. Anyone have any ideas?

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You can check the cells with a multi meter via the balance plug, each adjacent pair is the voltage of a cell so GND & 1 = V cell 1, 1 & 2 = V cell 2, 2 & 3 = V cell 3, GND & 3 = V battery.

Most hobby chargers do not charge through the balance plug, you may need to make leads to connect to the main battery terminals.

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Y'know it hadn't even occurred to me to bust out the multi-meter! Had a check and the voltages on each cell are fine, so it was definitely a charger issue. Weird how it charged fine for ~10-20 charges on each battery before deciding it just wouldn't do either. Thanks for the info on connecting to the main terminals, I've never used Li-Po's before, guess the fact that the included charger used the balance plug threw me off. I'll whip up a connector tomorrow and see how that goes :)

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