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[Feature Request] - 1 key device test in Escribe

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I am sure many people thought: "Is the Device bad, or is just something wrong with my builds/wire/tanks, etc..."

I am sure it is a complex task, and maybe some tests may be even inside the software, but could there be an easy "1 button push" test that would scan all the device, maybe with some requirements or questions to the user that could double check the board / box for us to be more assured that everything is as it was supposed to be?

That would be also useful to you, as it could get some information from the board to trouble check before equipments are returned.

I know it is easier to write this lines than to write all the complex system that would do a thing like that, but i think it could be an idea to take note.

The big advantage here is that we may be limited by the hardware (board, sensors, internal memory, etc) but Escribe is limitless (between some logical limits) :D

Congratulations on this great achievement - Keep going! - We, the users, appreciate that :)

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