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Charging Screen Doesn't show when plugged in


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Hey guys, just finished up my mod, and its great. I've got one problem though. When it is plugged in and charging, My charging screen fields do not show, only my default fields. Whats going on with that? I'll included some pics for reference.



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Odrama said:

Scratch this- Figured it out. Charging brightness was set at 0%

I'm having the same issue. For example, I have different screen settings for default mode and charging mode. In field 3 of default I have voltage selected and in field 3 of charging i have usb current selected. I uploaded the setting to the device, and yet whilst connected to usb it won't read the charging field, it stays on default. And ironically, if i switch default field 3 to charging current while the usb is connected, it will show me the current flowing to it. I tried messing around with the brightness on both default and charging to no avail. I have the Hcigar vt200. If anyone has any suggestions or better yet the fix to it, please let me know asap. thanks! 
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steam_train said:

Actually, I just figured it out. Lol it was 1. my charging brightness and 2. Me not realizing I had to wait for idle. I was expecting immediate results. Then I stumbled upon the other thread about this and saw that.. thank you though for your quick reply. I really do appreciate that

I think we have all been there, well I have anyway it got me the first time.
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