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Temp Control Stops working until a hard reboot


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A good step in looking at this would be a device monitor screen shot after it goes to sleep showing resistance/wattage/temp then a comparative one after it is rebooted.

What could be happening?:
After sleep the board fails to see the combination of atomizer and wire as acceptable for TC mode, i.e. it can't detect enough resistance changes to conclude that it is TC wire.

What could cause this?:
Changes in atomizer resistance coupled with some atomizer state re-read from the sleep state.
A programing defect in the board such that sleep mode triggers a non-tc state.

If this is only with low TRC wire, then the first thing I would try and do is reproduce it with Ni200.  If it can't be reproduced with higher TCR wire, then it is likely tied to the total TCR value of the wire used being on the margin of triggering TC mode and some issue with sleep triggering a state re-read.

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Has happened to me as well on my Reuleaux, on a Ti coil. Picked up the mod and got half a lung full of scorching vapor. 

It doesn't appear to happen every time it wakes from sleep though, because I have left the mod over night and it has worked fine in the morning. But, in the 5 days I've had the mod, it has happened on three separate occasions. 

Other than this issue the board has been functioning perfectly, as far as I can tell.

Anyone have any idea on fix for this?  

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