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How do you store multiple .csv profiles on your DNA200 devices?


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I hope this is something simple that I'm just missing.  It's becoming somewhat annoying to have to plug into my PC to change my .csv file profiles each time I change tanks or RDA's.

For example, I have an Opus and a Reuleaux that I run Smok TVF4 tanks with Ti coils, and Kanthal quad and Clapton coil heads. I also have a couple Herakles Plus tanks that I run with the Kanthal and SS316 coils.  Right now I've been uploading a saved .csv file for each individual tank each time I switch things up.  I've also got an Aromizer coming and other RDA's that I have profiles saved for.

I'd like to be able to store all of these .csv profiles for each tank/coil combo on both of my DNA200 mods without having to plug it back into a computer each time I screw in something new.  Is there anyway to load them all in and just use the buttons on the mod to scroll up (+) and down (-) to select the one you want to use?

Right now the buttons on the devices are basically useless to me when I'm running TC, so I assume there's got to be a way to do this. 

Thanks for your help.

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You're limited to 8 Profiles and rather than a CSV I would use the Save / Load Profile... (.ecigprofile) option which saves ALL of the settings for each individual Profile. You need the latest firmware 2015-10-21 EScribe - https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-topic/ Note the Profile 1 ... Profile 8 tabs in Escribe, they're all available once uploaded to your Mod.

To change from Profile 1-8 you hold the +/- to lock (Power Lock) then press ++ or -- then + or - to change profiles. 


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Profiles: The DNA 200 allows you to save and select between eight groups of output settings. Each group of output settings is called a Profile. To switch between profiles on the device, put the DNA 200 into Power Locked mode by pressing and holding both the up and down buttons for two seconds. From power locked mode, to cycle between profiles, double click the Up or Down button. To select the displayed profile, press the fire button. Each profile contains an output power setting and a maximum temperature setting. These can be adjusted on the device, and will be saved when a different profile is selected. Additionally, the resistance lock setting and value for each atomizer is saved in the profile, which can alleviate temperature inaccuracies stemming from attaching atomizers before they have completely cooled. Many more output settings, including the coil material and preheat settings can be adjusted on a perprofile basis using the Escribe PC software. Evolv recommends setting up one profile for each atomizer that you regularly use with the DNA 200. It is much faster to switch profiles than it is to set up the settings for the atomizer again.

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