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Monitoring temp control dont show temperature

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  I have a reuleaux DNA 200 with a Herakles plus tank with SS coil.  I setup my profile for temp control and loaded the SS file.  Set the max temp to 450F and Watt at 50.  When I fire my mod the screen show --- as temp and also if I use monitor in escribe the temperature (yes it is clicked) does not show anything, its always ?.

Any idea?


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Seems like it has not seen enough change in temp in the 1st second of firing, it backs out of temp limiting it the coil doesn't appear to raise 150 F in temperature.  Could be several things, most likely is the materials profile does not match the wire, it could also be a poor atty/connection.  SS is a very poor wire for temp limiting, it can work, but because it is not well suited to it you may/probably will need to have a lot of trial and error.

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