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"Warranty Service", *tick*, Uh Oh!


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Today I was getting ready to take my son to a birthday party. I grabbed my kayfun4 off of my dna200 box. It was time to fill it, but I decided to adjust my spring to fit tighter on the center post collar and put it back in. (I had taken it out and flipped the air flow control screw seeing if I could get a more stable ohms reading by getting rid of the spring). Turns out all that did was cause me to have to see the "New Coil yes+ no-" message every time I filled it.

I got the newly adjusted spring back in and put my atty all back together. I popped it on my USA Ohm Meter and saw my .184 build and put the kayfun4 back on my dna200 box. I pressed the fire button and saw the first start up screen, and then it went off when I let off of the fire button. Odd... I pressed the fire button again and it did the same thing. I pressed the fire button and held it and saw the first screen, my custom second screen, then came the "Warranty Service" screen.

I took it and plugged it into my desktop and fired up escribe. Escribe acknowledged the device and downloaded my current config. I did a soft reboot....no change. I did a hard reboot....no change. I opened up the forums and started looking around. I found a thread that said to click the escibe "about" tab, and then click the evolv logo 7 times. On the 7th click I heard a light *click* from my mod. I know that sound....it is the sound of an SMD fuse opening. At that same moment I heard the "USB Device Disconnected" sound of my PC. "Uh Oh!"

I unplugged the USB cord, grabbed my precision phillips screwdriver off of my desk, pulled the back of the case, unplugged the Deans connector of my lipo pack and JST connector from the board.

By that time it was time to take my son to the party. I just got back a bit ago. The lipo is showing 4.04vDC per cell. The onboard fuse is verified open with my meter. All solder joints are clean and free of bridges. No components (other than the fuse) appear affected. I unsoldered all four leads from the board and verified no lifted traces. Verified all 4 JST conductors are good (no cold joints or high resistance conditions). The screen ribbon was not crimped. I plugged the board by itself into my pc....it will not even power up.

Any ideas on what may have gone down? I guess I'll start an RMA as this board has only  been used by me for 9 days. But what an excellent 9 days!

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If you completely disconnect the battery including the balancer can you connect to the PC? Generally, if you cannot then the board is dead. Obviously, bad soldering and or mounting can cause the same problem. So worst comes to worst just prior to sending it in I'd try reconnecting to the PC. Now as far as the Kayfun V4, I don't rely on the spring. Except of the S-Kit which I don't recommend for TC, I unscrew the airflow screw into the deck so it just stops from being fully open and the adjust the 510 so it's solid not extended. This creates a solid and stable positive connection.

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