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Balance board


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Well, mine was wired up and rocking for a few days. Then the 3rd cell would not read in escribe so I touched up the solder and all worked for another day. Now the chip will power up on battery but error message of "check battery" and I get no reading from the battery in escribe at all. Checked all solder points and everything seems legit, no visual issues I can spot. Any advice? Thinking of just desoldering (a true pain) and reattaching everything. Maybe aim the balance board down to save space if the error is due to interior clearance, which it is tight in my 3d printed case but I don't. Know. Haaelp



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blueridgedog said:

Do you have a multi-meter and if so, can you test the balance charger for the correct voltage?  If the balance charge port on the pack is correct and the DNA200 can't see it, they you may be down to a hardware error.  

Resoldered the battery negative to a better look, closer to board. Checked battery with multimeter and reads from ground around 3.7 then 7.6 then 11.4 and same out of each balance board pad. Device powers on battery says "check battery" and reads zero on pack and cells in escribe. So no changes. Even lessened solder amount on balance board pads. Any other variables other than chip hardware error? Evolv has been silent on my ticket. Thanks again
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I have the same problem. I thought that the voltage on the cell nr 1 was to low as it would not charge. 
I bought a lipo balance charger and charged it up without any problems at all. I have soldered the same direction as the picture above.

In the end it was just bad connection with the balanced pins. 

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