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Am I doing something wrong


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I had a dna40 and never had issues. I have a vapor shark and a Tuglyfe DNA200 and all I do is fight the wattage output because the ohms fluctuate on every top works I have tried. Really disappointed in both of these but I know it's not the brands fault. It's the chip/board Thanks for anybody that has useful feedback!

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Considering the wealth of people Not having this problem id be more inclined to say it is the mod build OR your atty builds. Fluctuating ohms is usually a sign of a bad connection somewhere, be it the 510 or the atty or coils.
Have you allowed the mod and atty to both sit and get to room temp before putting the two together and saying Yes to the New coil question, have you tried locking the ohms, are you building your own coils or using coil heads?
What atties are you using and what coils/wire type, then people might be better able to help you :)

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