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TC or no TC

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Hi guys, I'm very new in using my DNA device, I need some help and advice on my build for my device. Currently I'm using a Goliath v2, a RTA. I'm a big a fan of nichrome coils but I recently read some reviews dont use a DNA 200 if you are not a TC user. If I would to switch to a TC user what is the best build and settings that I can use to achieve excellent flavor and vapor production? Thanks in advance

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Twisted 0.25 mm Ni200 is good, easy to work with and strong enough to re-wick without distorting the coil, you would just leave the DNA200 in it's default setting to start with, then play with the temp and see what suits you.  10 wraps on 2 mm wicks is a good build for around 40-80 W.

I don't know why anyone would not like the DNA200 in non temp mode, it is probably the only device ATM that will give you the correct power all teh way up to 200 W with DC and real-time power regulation.

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