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Cell Soft Cutoff


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I received my first DNA200 mod today the VTBox200 and read in the manual not to allow the cell's to go below 3.6V.  It has a 3c lipo 1800mAh 11.1V 35C in it.

The standard soft cell cut-off is 3.09V in the software but I have had to change it to 3.6 on my device due to the manual.

Does anyone have any idea if I can use the 3.09V or should I go with what it says?  It is effectively a 1500mAh battery if I set it to 3.6V (which some people have suspected it is on the internet, not that I believe everything I read on there but it does stack up with the physical size of the battery)

Anyone any idea's

Thanks in advance

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