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Lost Vape Efusion battery


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Ok, so I just got this device and I'm unsure exactly what battery option to choose in the software. I've watched a few reviewers of the device and all they touch on is how to change the watt hours. All it says in the user manual is that it's a FullyMax 1300mah 3S Lipo battery. Do I select lithium polymer in the software?

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Thanks! And, I've uploaded those settings. I just wanted to make absolutely certain everything was entered in properly. One more question, though. Is there a reason why the device would not be asking me if I'm attaching a new atomizer? I mean, it's asked me maybe three times since I got which was December 23rd, and I've attached and reattached two different atomizers several times and the screen simply doesn't prompt me. I have profiles set up for both atomizers, of course, but with one of them being a nickel coil, I feel like it should ask me. Also, it will fire the nickel coil in power mode if I do not manually switch to temp mode. Is that supposed to happen?

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