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Panasonic 3400 mah 18650


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Don't do it, the current rating is IIRC only about a quarter of what's needed.   You need a constant discharge rating of 23 A or more.
So Sony VTC3, 4 or 5, Samsung 25R or LG HE2 or HE4, only the Sonys are up to spec on paper, but the others are conservatively rated at 20 A and would be fine for 99% of vapers in a DNA200.

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It depends a lot on your power levels at low power the 3,000 mAh may be better, but they are not so good at higher power levels, myself I would stick with the 2,500 mAh. But I don't keep up to date https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/list-of-battery-tests.7436/ has a lot of test results

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