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newer Escribe, is there issues?

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I had downloaded version iirc and it was the only version giving me the watts increments, however during a test I redownloaded the direct setupes.exe  file and it is still version 1.0.32.  Luckily I found my old install which was SetupES_2015-10-21.exe  I did find the link in this thread once I found the file name:  https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/66731-topic/

This 'new' version has some features I do appreciate like the wattage increment change, as well as it's the only one I've had that actually tries to update the mods to the 9.30.15 firmware.  

Am I missing a reason that after all this time it's not the default download?  Are there issues?

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Nope no issues, the evolv crew have been moving units so I suspect that is the reason it's still pre release, the only person who works at evolv who's been about on here recently is Nick, I think once they sort all the offices out and get back to business we will see them back on here again and we can be more informed and get a little more support.

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