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Randomly failes to charge


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I took my mod off of the charger this morning. Went to work. Come home and went to charge it because it is getting low. Just noticed the battery is not charging. I connected it to the computer to pull up escribe and the computer doesn't recognize it being plugged in at all. The usb plug fits snug and I have tried several usb cables. I have lots of them xD. Current battery life is 15%. My phone and eleaf 100W are charging fine and connect to my computer as well. The DNA just doesn't do anything at all. 

Is it possible to reboot the DNA 200 manually? Perhaps there is a software issue. I am using a Mamu designed 3D printed box and the battery is soldered to the board. I don't want to have to disassemble and desolder / resolder the battery from the board.

I don't know what choice I have, but everything is made to fit perfectly so it's an annoying task.

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