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Project Sub-Ohm S200 setting help

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I was reading somewhere that by changing the battery settings to 1300mah and 11.1v that the lipo battery life was improved. Is this right and if so where do I make these changes in escribe? I dont have the mod in hand yet.

Just trying to figure it out when I get it. (I have the Releaux DNA200) so I am a little familiar with some settings.

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TheAngryVaper said:

Thanks guys for the fast response. Vaping Bad, is that something I need to set in the MOD tab? How will I know what the battery life is and what to set? Is that done with the analyzer ?

Yes it is the first box on the Mod tab, labelled Charging Mode and what you set it to is just personal preference, personally I have it at max recharges 95% of the time, but if I'm away for the weekend sometimes I set it to max puffs and fully charge all my mods.

You don't need to use the analyser, if your battery bar is inaccurate it will make it accurate, but just setting the Watt-hours should be enough unless the manufacture has overestimated the battery capacity.  Even then you can guess and get the bar for more accurate EG if you have 10% on the battery bar when it runs out reducing the Wh by 10% will likely be > 95% accurate.  Most LiPos should have similar curves, 18650 will vary more so there is more sense doing it for those.  There is a community spread sheet MikePetro host that hold the tested Wh of a number of popular batteries and you may find yours there https://forum.evolvapor.com/topic/65816-topic/
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