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Evolv turnaround time


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I had an HCigar VT200, a month to the day I got it, it went poof. Burned up, smelled like electrical fire, melted some of the plastic internally, all that fun jazz.

The vendor and HCigar were not existent in helping me, and that was after I waited that 2 week dark period for the Chinese New Year, Evolv agreed to let me send it in. For this, I'm very grateful, them covering what could have potentially been a manufacturer error.

I was just curious if anyone knows the turnaround time for repairs/replacements. I know I'm not the only person they have sending units in, and I don't mind being patient, but from when it broke to now, it's been almost as long as I've been without (almost a month) it as I was with it at this point, and after being spoiled by a DNA 200 unit, it's hard to use my old 2 year old backup VW mod.

I'm not even sure if they notify you when it's been sent back out or I'll just get a surprise.

No rush, don't mind being patient, but be nice to know a time frame. The last response I got said that an estimate said I should have it back by this week, but being Wednesday and not having heard anything yet, I wasn't sure.

USED: 31 days
ERROR OCCURED: 30~ days (Waiting for CNY, etc)

P.S. Huge thanks again to Evolv for being such a fantastic company. This isn't a callout or a complaint, just a question.

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It really depends on when they got it, I would think they would get it fixed within a day or few once they receive your unit. Then it will take a few days in the mail for you to get it. Mine was sent priority 2 day usps, and I think it was back the day after they shipped, now im also like an hour drive to where they are here in Ohio.

If they said you should get it this week im sure it will be at your door Thursday or Friday 

And yes not hard to be spoiled on the DNA200 bought another when mine went bad just so i wouldn't have to buy new coils 

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