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Chowderhead72 said:

Thanks for the help but asked for upload help. I can't get any of my premade screens to UPLOAD. When I open them in notepad I get a huge page of jibberish. I'm using the themes posted in this forum. Fallout, starwars, and Mario brothers.

Why would you need to open them in notepad, which is not a graphics editing program? If you're wanting to add text to an image, you need to use some type of graphics program. From EScribe, click themes. Them select which default image you want to change by clicking load. Find where you're stored image is and open it from there. The image should show up in EScribe to give you an idea of what it will look like on the screen.
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Some of the posted up ones are good, some i dont believe the poster has tried them because there poor, there is also a link to a guy whos done some really good ones, am on mobile at the moment, when i get to a computer i'll post a link, .. you need to create a file in your documents. Call it.. say.. evolv stuff. .. then when you click on the screen pic you like, click save.. save it to your evolv stuff folder.. then as above.. when in escribe select load, find your folder, set what you saved to it.. dont forget to finnish off by selecting upload to device from your tool bar in escribe.. also when finnished select disconnect..

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I've made some and they've all shown up blank.  Just black and white, proper dimensions, everything.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I've tried jpg and png and I get the same result with both.

Here are two of them:



Can anyone spot the reason these two wouldn't work?

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