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Stainless Steel 430


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Something I've started doing with many of my wires, temp control or otherwise is taking 2-3 strands, twisting them together so it's very tight, then start running the pliers down the wire a few times end to end (if it starts feeling like it's catching, take the wire out and flip it around and keep going). This flattens the outside of the wire, but it will also make it much stiffer and easier to work with. Not only that, but juice wicks into the sharp gaps of the wire and the flavor is excellent. Just make sure to clean it afterwards because there will be debris on the coil you cant see. 

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Annealing, that is to say, heating the wire to around 800 celsius, will reduce the spring in the steel. This is why torching it works.

However, with chromium steel at this temperature there is a risk of releasing hexavalent chromium. I would be wary of torching it till it glows red (similarly, I don't dry burn SS coils until they turn red).

Suggest just heating the wire a bit with a butane lighter (as opposed to a torch).

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