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Clapton, no TC mode


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NickyGiaccone said:

Hi, I'm not usually a TC guy. The only coils I have at the moment are Aspire Cleito Subohm tank .2ohm coils. How Do I set this up on the software? Do I just let my Hcigar VT 200 read the coil automatically?

Hi there, what do you mean by setup? Are you trying to run in tc mode? Tc doesn't work with kanthal, try get other wire i.e nickel, ss.
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I use pre-made coils from Aspire for the tank. It's just Clapton...I guess a kanthal type? Lol i just want more vapor production like i had on 18650s. It's a .2ohm. The curves from the steamengine site will not upload and allow you to finish the session. It says TCR is not good. Everybody has been saying so as well.

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