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Profile and Materials.... Help?


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Totally new to the DNA chips. Watched the tutorial about a month ago in preparation.

I have recently just bought a Lavabox, updated it to the newest firmware and settings. I mainly run only Kanthal. Looking at the materials tab I don't see Kanthal, am I supposed to? Don't want to screw up so early. Is this only for Temp control wire? Do I need a Kanthal profile?

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You can turn off TC (temperature control) off manually as well. You just change the temperature as high as it can go and then press up one more and it will say off.

If you are in EScribe, you can setup a Profile for wattage too. You don't have to if you don't want to. You have to select something for a wire, but for a wattage (power) profile what you pick won't really matter. Since you also select the temperature off check box anyway.

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