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VTBox 200


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Sadie816 said:

Does anyone know anything about the Tiffany Blue VTbox 200? I have plans to order one from gearbest that's why I'm curious.

do the pastel VTBOX 200's have a rubberized coating? i like the blue one. as for problems with the vtbox, i think they have most if not all the bugs worked out of their design by now. my only word of caution is dealing with gearbest. i've heard from countless people their customer service, well........sucks. 
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My wife has the slimmer S200 VTBox and she loves it. It is a metal box but still very light and has the same battery as the others. FastTech has them for 119.oo right now with an extra 10 or 15% this week if you use the code BUNNY...Then in 1 month you can show off your new mod, the free shipping is by refugee raft transport Inc.xD I got all the parts and the mod from FastTech , spent 144.oo total (mod, drip, purple crown glass 5pack, crown tank) Get the 5pack in the glass, 2 of mine were chipped on the edges and one has a crack...not waiting a month for a replacement on a 1.79 5pack... I'll take the loss

Here is a pic of hers

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