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VaporShark DNA 200 Board burned

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Hello Vaping Fellows,

I would like to ask for some help.

My friend bought me a VS DNA 200 device in fall last year. We both used it together, since it is a quit expensive device.

While charging it one day, we realized that the Mod itself got pretty hot... While opening the battery cover we could smell something burnt. The eScribe does not find the mod anymore. It does not go on too.

Therefore we unplugged it directly f... Since that day the Mod was dead. The seller told us, that it is a Board problem and there is no warranty on that kind of problems...

I wrote an email to VS and asked if it is possible to get a replacement board or if they could do something. They just said "No, there is no possibility for a replacement board from our side, we can't help you. Maybe Evolve can provide a replacement board".

This was pretty disapointing, since this mod could started a fire and it was not our fault as far we can say (we have been vaping for over 2 years and never had such an issue). Furthermore the warranty in Switzerland normaly covers 2 years... The Mod itself was manufactored at the 10/09/15, at least this is written on the back cover.

Now I realized that the VS board is a modificated one compared to the normal DNA 200 (faster charging part and the display port isn't located at the same place, furthermore the buttons look different).

Since they won't help us with a RMA, I opened the mod and would like to ask for advice.
http://imgur.com/AaVVPzA This shows the board itself. As one can see, there is a burned part in the middle. Furthermore the fuse looks strange too, as you can see on this picture: http://imgur.com/NxDLHCk

This pic: http://i.imgur.com/hgbb81Z.jpg Shows the burned part a bit closer, sorry for the bad quality.

If plugged into USB, the mod gets hot, specialy the board. I disconneted the battery for safety reasons...

I know, that I can replace the fuse on my own, but what is about the other burned part? What would you advice me to do? Anything I can do?

As far as I can see, a normal DNA 200 doesn't fit in this Mod, there must be a reason why they use a different DNA 200 version... It makes me a bit mad, since we paid over 220 bucks for the device and it did not even least half a year...


Thank you very much for your help.

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