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Eliquid into box usb issues

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After breaking an oring of the tank I had liquid discharge inside the box , I dried immediately and runs everything except the USB data link, it jumping continuously . PC many times tells me unrecognized device , or connect with e cig stats and disconnects after 2 seconds, into ecig stats appear a message below that says the device is being used by another program. What can cause this conflict? I think it is impossible that it is only the damaged part data usb ,charging works perfectly.

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pepepe said:

I had already read this post , but I do not think matches, i would just like to know if Usb can be partially damaged or do bad contact and the rest to recharge the box normally.

try a pcb safe solvent and give the usb a good cleaning. there's probably ejuice in places where your eyes cannot see. @dwcraig1 could give you some pointers on cleaning the usb area. he had a similar problem. board should be fine once ejuice is removed completely.
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SOLVED!!! Thx!!!
Thats right, the issue was caused by eliquid, it created a bad contact.
I Bought a cleaner for contacts (CRC contact cleaner), spraying it directly on the board and with the help of a brush I restored everything.

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