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If you are undecided about a DNA 200 purchase


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I began vaping with an Aspire CF Subohm battery with included Atlantis tank, only one year ago. I loved the functionality and control of the coil and it's vapor based on resistance. The technology was exactly how I quit cigarette smoking. "200W" Regulated Box Mods using dual 18650 batteries was very appealing due to battery selection and tank variety, as well. I thought it couldn't be better until I used the Escribe software and made the ideal vaporizer experience for each of my tanks. I installed the true Hcigar VT 200 battery,1300mAh Lithium Polymer 3-cell pack producing 30c output 11v and the extra mAh. I have no problems with the software on Windows 10, and it's simple enough, intuitive. Get a DNA 200.

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