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Duty cycle?


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I have looked around the site and if this post is in the wrong spot sorry. I mix my own juice testing flavors and tasting I will use my DNA 200 in a chain vape way about 55 watts .03/05 build .I do not want to hurt my mod it seems the opus DNA 200 stays much cooler than most of my other mods none DNA and i grab it more often. The highest board template I have seen E scribe 115 F .with room temp 80 F from what I read I am over working my device with out cool down time.any input thanks

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Thank you for the reply .I have never felt any heat from the opus DNA 200 .even during high juice consumption while in rush hour traffic .with RTA using Titanium builds .I don't even think Phil was able to get the over heat too kick in I believe Phil said he killed the battery in 15 min witch is way harder than I could ever push one .even after testing juice on my RDA this morning and another 5 mils through my Goliath v2 with a 0.1 TI build I still have 50% battery. Left . I have never changed the default setting of max kanthal of 100 watts .the most power I use is 70 watts once in a blue moon most of the time running 75 watt punch set to 40 watts at 450/470 degrees Fahrenheit on a temperature control build .I guess the way I am looking at it I very rarely use my mod .at even 45% Powe be sort of hard to over heat it I believe James calmed the board is capable of over 200 watts no problem .I think I have all most talked my self in to order another Opus DNA 200 seeing my other none DNA burned out last week

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